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Not Good Enough

Not Good Enough A curse for those you will never be good enough for I've never been good enough for you. You make fun of my blue, purple, or pink hair while claiming you wish you had the confidence to do the same. You make fun of my handmade flower crowns while buying shitty versions… Continue reading Not Good Enough

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January 24 2020 New Moon Ritual & Tarot Reading

Hello my magical lovelies! After a break in sharing monthly new moon readings, I am back with new fun-ness! For starters, you can check out this month's group ritual and reading here. But if you would like to request a personal reading, head over to Buy Me a Coffee. This is where you can view… Continue reading January 24 2020 New Moon Ritual & Tarot Reading

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Reasons Why Your Magic Isn’t Working

Recently after talking with a fellow pagan about magical shortcomings, I realized that the issue of why your magic isn't working is one we all face at some point on our magical journey. So I decided to discuss the most common reasons I have seen as to why your magic isn't working. First of all...… Continue reading Reasons Why Your Magic Isn’t Working

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My Happy Planner Stargazer 2020 Planner Set-Up A.K.A. Manifesting My Best Life Through Planning

Back in November I stumbled across the Happy Planner Stargazer collection at Hobby Lobby and fell in love instantly. After lots of debate, I finally caved and purchased the planner, weekly intention pages and sticker books. Not used to the daily task layout, I scoured YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram for inspiration but no one was… Continue reading My Happy Planner Stargazer 2020 Planner Set-Up A.K.A. Manifesting My Best Life Through Planning

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When I Lost My Magic

After I had surgery last October, I lost my magic. But before that, I was losing my magic. I started losing my magic in June when I had an ER trip complete minor surgery and a hospital stay which caused ongoing stress leading up to the surgery in October. During that time, Hurricane Florance hit… Continue reading When I Lost My Magic

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Ghost Cat is Active Tonight

As I've mentioned before, I live in a spiritually active house. One of the household spirits is affectionately named Ghost Cat because it does very cat-like things such as knocking over knickknacks and meowing (this is a distinct meow that comes from a random room, usually while the actual cats are napping). Tonight, Ghost Cat… Continue reading Ghost Cat is Active Tonight